No one person knows everything; that has never been God’s design;
It matters not how wise we become, no one person has the right answers all of the time.
God is the source of all wisdom, yet our levels of understanding are not equal;
No single mind can contain all of God’s wisdom, which is why He disperses His wisdom among people.
God is wisdom and knowledge and anyone who really knows Him will never deny,
 to receive instructions from God is to receive wisdom but to obey God’s instructions makes us wise.
"Wisdom" (From the book Perspective: Lessons from the Journey)
Copyright © 2014 by Nicole A. Jones​​​​
Nicole A. Jones is an avid writer and published author of over 25 adult and children books. She is a distinguished speaker, writing consultant, and entrepreneur. Ms. Jones frequently appears as a notable radio guest on WDJY 99.1 FM in Atlanta and WMTA 107.3 FM/1380 AM in Kentucky. She is the founder  of N. Jones Enterprise LLC , En Prose , and N. Jones Music .

Ms. Jones began her professional career in health services at the age of 15 years old, serving as a volunteer at a local hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. Initially, she was assigned to deliver flowers and cards to patients. But by the end of her tenure, she had advanced to the Surgery Department, sanitizing medical instruments and observing surgical procedures. By the age of 17 years old, Ms. Jones graduated from high school as a Certified Nurse’s Aide.
Continuing her education at Dillard University in New Orleans; she performed her internships at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Allergy and Immunology. It was at her internship at the center’s Department of Medicine: Section of Infectious Diseases where she was hired to complete a health study.

Ms. Jones earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Dillard University. However, in 2004, she received recognition for achieving the highest score on the Louisiana State Civil Service Office Skills Exam, which ultimately influenced her decision to transition into the field of Business Administration. Before transitioning into the business administration field, she continued her outreach and community involvement in Public Health for several years.

In 2008, Ms. Jones started supporting the federal government as a training technician and served in various administrative capacities and divisions of the Military Health System. Her skills, efficiency, and reputation of performance execution have afforded her the opportunity to directly support with senior leadership. During that time, she pursued her Master’s degree in Business Administration and graduated magna cum laude from Stratford University .
Ms. Jones started writing as an outlet to relieve herself of the pain after the loss of her dad but over time had accumulated hundreds of writing in the form of poems, songs and journals. In 2014, she organized N. Jones Enterprise to umbrella her collection of writings in the form of poetry, journals and lyrics. She later established En Prose for businesses and N. Jones Music both subsidiaries of N. Jones Enterprise LLC.   

When asked, what makes her writings so unique, she says, “I am not a distant writer.  I walk through the storms of life with my eyes opened. I not only know what fear, pain, anxiety, hurt feel like, I also know what they look like. Despite the boisterous winds and rain and dark clouds I write. I write through my tears because I know that in the end that I will not only have the ability to relate but have the ability to explain the measures I took to get out of it.”
She adds, “I am not a storm chaser. I do not go looking for storms but if I happen to become caught in one, I try to benefit from it.” She concludes, “Personal failure and personal difficulties can be outstanding resources in our lives but it is the way we employ them that determines if we excel forward or remain stagnant.”
Today, Ms. Jones serves as a writing consultant, ghost writer and developmental editor for Christian authors, renowned leaders and speakers of prominent organizations. She is also a distinguished songwriter and notable music producer.  

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing and spending time with her family.